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Gambling Technology and their Electronics

May 19, 2023

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.

Gambling Technology and their Electronics 

Las Vegas: bright lights, countless thrills, and the undisputed gambling capital of the world. Name a better place to hold the electronics components industry conference of the year? Every year the electronics components industry comes together in a unique gathering of key decision makers to engage, review, revise, and explore ways to make the second half of the year, better than the first half. EDS is one of the most unique conferences where presidents, VPs, marketing managers, sales managers, manufacturers, distributors, and sales reps gather to strategize and find new ways to improve sales performance.

As EDS 2023 came to a close last month, the effect modern technology has had on Sin City shined asbright as the lights on the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. So, what better topic to explore than how technology and electronic components have transformed casinos and the gaming scene in Las Vegas?

Casinos have always been about the glitz and the glamour, drowning patrons in flashing light shows and bright colors to draw attention and feed the narrative that anyone can win big at any moment. Bells and whistles were once added to mechanical slot machines to enhance not only the experience of winning, but the sensation the user remembers and continues to chase. Today’s casinos are equipped with a lot more than just lights and sounds and rely on technology to improve security, data analytics, and most importantly, the user experience.

Technology in Today’s Casino

Card and roulette tables (and automated tables) alike are paired with LED display boards, showing recently delt cards and winning hands, so potential players walking by can take a glance and easily decide which table might bring them the best luck. Even slot machines have received face lifts, with more and more being converted into full size screens with either playable buttons or touch screen technology

Advanced security technology such as cameras, facial recognition, and RFID chips are used as additional layers of security and monitoring that the human eye can’t catch. Facial recognition provides the ability to recognize everyone from important guests that require top-of-the-line service, to potential scammers counting cards. Whether a well-known poker champion or a group of Friday night regulars, facial recognition can help keep customer service and security one step ahead to stay in control and provide the best experience possible.

RFID chips are planted in almost every single poker chip, giving casino security teams the ability to know exact money amounts at every table, essentially making it easier to know when to step in to exchange chips or shuffle dealers. This also helps prevent the chip theft and any possible counterfeiting, again keeping the casino in complete control of their services, property and bottom line.

Just as many casinos feature their own hotels, the opportunity has been taken to enhance simple key cards with a plethora of functions, including linking room information with a player’s casino membership. That way everything from the room you stayed in, the games you played, and the money you spent can all be simultaneously collected. Your account will provide this data as a reference point for you, while giving the casino the ability to study your trends and patterns.

The world of data analytics is constantly growing in all facets of society, and it isn’t any different when applied to the casino scene. The gathered information doesn’t just help with security purposes; it also gives the casino additional opportunities to reach larger demographics with specialized marketing. Knowing someone hasn’t visited in a while provides an opportunity to extend promotional incentives or discounts on amenities.

A wide range of Keystone products can be found in cameras, computer systems, and display boards found in today’s casinos, such as: Battery Clips, Contacts & Holders,LED holders, spacers and lens caps; fuse clips and holders; PCB test points and terminals; spacers and standoffs; PCB plugs, pins, jacks, and sockets and more.