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Keystone Electronics Celebrates National Safety Month

June 17, 2018

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.

Every great invention required some leap of faith by their creator,  many met with great peril and sacrifice as a result of their idea.

The month-long observance takes place annually in June, with organizations across the country coming together to reduce the most prevalent causes of injuries and fatalities at work, home, on the road, and in the community.

Emergency Safety Lighting

For a safer environment, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, and first responders use a variety of specialized equipment. Examples of common equipment include spring systems, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms, PPE, and so on. There are certain other products that play an important role in safety, though they aren’t generally considered “safety products.” Lights used to promote safety in hazardous areas or emergency situations are a great example of this.

Barricade Lights

Barricade lights ensure safety (as well as productivity) by providing visibility for crews in work areas during the day and evening, as well as in low-light situations. They can also provide traffic control, including redirecting automobile traffic, pedestrians, and building employees to protect them better.

Barrier lights can mount on posts, traffic cones and more, and they vary by design, including the use of LED or incandescent lights. Because these lights are on portable items, many are run with back-up battery power.

Depending on the energy requirements, different setups will require different battery contacts, connector straps and Keystone’s  battery clips, contacts and holders are just the right fit. When designing these systems, always take into account the energy needs for the product to determine which type of battery will be most efficient in running it. From there, you’ll be able to design a full power system that meets the application needs. The products must also be durable enough to withstand the hazardous wear and tear of construction zones.

Emergency Vehicle Lights

Flashing police lightsWhen warning lights attach to emergency responder vehicles, these flashing lights provide a visual “heads up” to motorists and pedestrians to avoid the vehicles to stay safe. Road traffic law dictates the color and type of light for the header. For example, a flashing blue light designates a volunteer firefighter responding to an emergency call, while a volunteer ambulance service member activates a flashing green light in the same type of situation.

Other fire protection safety lighting is also available. For a hazard vehicle actively performing its designated function, such as snowplowing or towing, a flashing yellow/amber light lets other drivers know to be cautious around it.

While these types of systems are typically wired into the vehicle for power, they still require wire-to-wire connectors,  terminals as well as spacers and multi-purpose hardware.

Complete Your Safety Solutions with Confidence

Whether you craft barricade lights, headers for emergency vehicle safety, or another type of safety solution, such as fire protection equipment. Keystone Electronics provides the reliable hardware and accessories to complete them. The comprehensive inventory includes top-quality pins, plugs, sockets, jacks, terminals, and spacers for your electronics.

Plus, simply reach out to the Keystone team for a custom design if you do not see a standard product in the catalog to meet your needs. Custom production capabilities include stamping from expert tool and die makers, machining (both short and long runs), assembly of metallic and non-metallic parts, tool room featuring CAD/CAM software, and quality assurance.

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