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Three Electric Ovens that Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner

November 15, 2017

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

What’s Coming Up?

The time for turkey, stuffing, and cranberries is nearly here, and with it comes our latest insights to the electronics that lend to your dining room table this November! Options like deep friars, electric thermometers, and small and large stove and oven picks are some of the best choices when it comes to meal prep this holiday season.

Electronic Components for Your Cooking

Thanks to modern technology, ovens consist of many electronic parts and pieces we wouldn’t even think of, contributing to your massive Thanksgiving meal. Adding heat to your prep is as easy as the flick of a switch (or the press of a button).

That’s why the experts are here to give you a brief background on what goes into your holiday cooking!

Ovens, Microwaves, & Stoves

Electric and microwave ovens consist of all sorts of heating components and controls.

Common types both in and out of the home include standard, microwave, and rotary.

In a standard oven, your mechanisms can be located in a variety of spots depending on the make and model in your kitchen. Elements are most commonly found on the top or side of your oven and stove. Some intentionally elect for the bottom depending on your purpose of use with the oven. Engineers opt for these designs to avoid hazards with other heating elements you face while cooking.

Microwave designs to reheat your Thanksgiving leftovers vary. With this oven selection, heat forms through electromagnetic waves. A simultaneous rotating plate, also run by electronic gear, ensures even heating of each dish.

Electric ovens and microwaves include coils and wires to plug into an outlet nearby. Small, portable stoves, often used for deep frying will need room too.

Rotating ovens, also called rotary ovens, are ideal for large supermarkets and store pre-prepped turkey. Revolving ovens combine heat, convection, and air circulation to keeps its contents warm. The combination creates a perfect brown for your poultry on Thanksgiving or any other time of year.

Digital timers, thermometers, and controls are also key electric components to your process this Thanksgiving.

Make Your Products High Quality

No matter what kind of set up you and your family use for the holidays this year, quality is of the utmost importance. Safety is always an important measure to take into consideration when cooking with high heat and multiple appliances at one time.

Keystone Electronics considers the value of high-quality materials with every move we make. Our company operates under an ISO 9001-certified quality system, with demanding quality assurance testing for all our standard and custom precision products.

The high-quality precision electronic components and hardware we offer can support needs across a variety of industries and applications such as automotive, robotic, telecommunications, medical, consumer and more. Whether you need dome switches, contacts & clips, fuse clips & fuse holders, clamps & connectors, panel hardwarejacks and sockets, or other electronic components, Keystone can help you to find the right innovative solution. Our commitment to continually improve quality, and competitive prices, save both time and money for OEMs and customers alike.

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From all of us at Keystone, have a happy Thanksgiving!