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Keystone Creates a Greener, More Sustainable Future for Earth Day

April 11, 2016

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Sustainability is a hot topic, not just this month, but all 12 months of the year. Earth Day is currently celebrating its 46th lap around the sun and to recognize the day we are giving you a recap of what we, at Keystone, have been doing to contribute to a more sustainable future.

From protecting water systems to fighting against climate change, Earth Day acts as a prompt to make eco-friendly choices. This year’s anniversary lands on April 22nd and we’re not the only ones who consider renewable energy the ideal Earth Day mission – do you follow? Here’s our easy breakdown:

What is Renewable, Clean, and Green Energy?

Renewable energy, which comes from naturally replenished sources such as the sun, wind, and water, is rapidly taking on new customers and gaining in popularity. Lessening our dependence on fossil fuels will lead us in the right direction to fight climate change. Some posts back we wrote about James Blyth, the inventor of the modern windmill. Blyth designed and developed a wind turbine that would generate electricity. This kind of renewable energy has been around for centuries, but it is the new technologies that are making it a reality for powering our lives and reducing our use of fossil fuels.

Incorporating Green Energy into the Grid

Converting the sun’s rays, the power of the wind or water, into electricity requires a system of electronics. A photovoltaic solar panel or a wind turbine (see our blog post) generates variable direct current (DC) power that must be changed into usable alternating current (AC). Inverters and capacitors are responsible for converting the variable DC into utility frequency AC electricity. Battery systems are also necessary for storing power. The development and improvements in rechargeable battery technology is a main reason why renewable energy is more of a reality, today, than ever before. Have you ever wondered how the rechargeable battery came to be? Check out our post for the history of rechargeable batteries.

The Future of Renewables

The renewable energy market is growing rapidly. Wind and solar power are the main electricity forms generating resources that are the cleanest and most beneficial for the environment. As technologies continue to develop, these resources are being accepted as reliable and dependable energy. Keystone products are, and will always be, part of each system that turns the Earth’s own resources into our electricity. PV systems and wind turbines rely on products such as our panel hardware, PC board hardware, and terminals & terminal boards to keep the power on and flowing.