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Keystone Expands with National Manufacturing Day

October 3, 2017

There’s a keystone in every great invention.

Just like there’s a Keystone in every great invention, there’s manufacturing behind every great company and industry.

The annual celebration of modern manufacturing lands on Friday, October 6. The National Manufacturing Day (NMD) is an important industry highlight for communities, companies, and industries across the board.

National Manufacturing Day: 2012-2017

On Friday the 6th events spanning the country will honor all things manufacturing.

If participation resembles anything like last year, we will see the coming together of more than 600,000 individuals and businesses in a grand collaboration aiming to present the face of modern-day manufacturing.

Today, over 1,686 events have already been registered.

Through factory and plant tours, workshops tackling critical issues like the Skill Gap and STEM education, and symposiums that curate breakthroughs being made in the sector, NMD initiatives have achieved more since 2012 than anyone could have imagined.

Surveys show that 89% of people are more aware of the manufacturing opportunities that are available within their own community. 84% of students now believe that manufacturing isn’t just blue-collar work—that it has the potential to place employees at the heart of cutting-edge technology revolutions and tangible contributions to economic growth—and that 64% of these students are also more likely to actually pursue placements in manufacturing because of such initiatives.

If this trend strengthens, the almost 2 million vacancies that are expected to go unfilled might just be grabbed by eager, qualified candidates proving that manufacturing has a myriad of career perks in the exciting field.

The Benefits of an Untapped Resource  

Keystone has always been a market leader where the manufacturing of electronic interconnect components and hardware live.

Our Keystone family loyally supports reshoring efforts in a continuous attempt to bring jobs back to the U.S. Reshoring is one solution to tackle the skills gap where the industry has currently set its sights on educational awareness.

The field has great opportunities for technological insights, sets of untouchable STEM skills, secure job placements, valuable benefits, and economic growth.

Keystone Expands with the Industry!

Take it from first-hand experience—the industry is profitable!

How can onlookers tell? Our facility is expanding.

Our new state-of-the-art warehouse and quality control facility in New Hyde Park, NY is the embodiment of what modern manufacturing has evolved into today.

Sporting completely computerized QC set-ups, the US Green Building Gold Level certification in consideration of the environment, and a performance policy that promises defect-free products, it is exactly the kind of atmosphere that can inspire the next generation of skilled workers to commit to manufacturing.

Fully functional by November and with a shift of the core operation of production next spring, we are geared to take our objectives of engineering and design excellence to the next level.

Take a sneak peek today.

The Reality of Modern Day Manufacturing

Myths about the manufacturing industry are through. Old fashioned factories and shops are a thing of the past as they make way for warehouses and buildings with new and improved technology and machinery.

The manufacturing sector has been one of the fastest growing industries of the U.S. economy since the recession ended in 2010. The field impacts the global and U.S. economy, incites economic growth, and creates employment opportunities across a multitude of companies and industries. The manufacturing industry truly has a foot in all arenas.

It looks like all eyes are on us after all!

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