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The Super Bowl and the Electronics Behind the Scene

January 18, 2024

There’s a Keystone in every great invention.

As we roll into the start of 2024, we continue to celebrate and reflect upon the highlights of 2023. And what bigger highlight is there than the playoffs of the biggest sport in the country? Yes, as the new year brings hope and excitement for fresh starts across the board, the anticipation to crown the next Super Bowl Champion grows across fan bases who have cheered for their squads since early September. 

Now we do have a couple of weeks before the big game, but we won’t let that stop us from shining our spotlight on the true champion of professional sports: electronics. That’s right, electronics are what make the entire production possible. From enhancing live fan experiences to attracting engagement through televisions across the globe, the entertainment factor is what the sports industry relies on, and what we fans thrive on. We’ve previously covered the benchmark electronic advancement of television; from black and white to the invention of an invention of an image dissector camera tube to the best and brightest OLED TVs. But what you may overlook is just what it takes to transmit that thrilling live-action from the field to the screen over your fireplace. Keystone components such as fuse clips, contacts, and holdersphono jacks and plugs, and USB plugs and sockets are fundamental cogs in the machine that delivers the clearest and cleanest broadcast to your screens. 

Another off-the-field hub for electronics is the packed sideline full of coaches and staff relying on the latest technology to deliver critical communications either up to the booths or to their players directly on the field. Today’s sideline technology ranges from the standard headset to the latest tablet technology, all connected through WiFi or Bluetoothto deliver timely and clear messages. Not many of us, if any, are thinking about the PC board or fuse clips when we see screenshots of coaches and quarterbacks reviewing previous plays at the tips of their fingers!

Do Rihanna, Eminem, and Maroon 5 ring a bell? This year’s Super Bowl halftime show featuring Usher will be driven by electronics. This sound systems, lighting, stage, and built in display screens add amazing elements to the show. Fun fact: the fireworks used are electronically controlled and fired! Timed fireworks, like the ones used at halftime, rely on a variety of Keystone components to work safely and effectively. Screw terminals and terminal blocksalligator clipsquick fit terminals, and mounting brackets are a few of the Keystone components you can find in almost every fireworks display. 

Behind every great quarterback is a group of fantastic wide receivers and offensive linemen. Behind every great offense is a reliable defense. Behind every great football team is an even better medical training staff. And while we could continue down this list, the point is that even the crews on hand to provide the fastest yet best medical treatment rely heavily on the greatest technology to not only save the game, but save lives.  Automotive Blade Fuse Holdersand Electronic Hardware & Accessories are just a few Keystone components that support the critical technology in the ambulances that are available during any point of the Super Bowl. From Bluetooth to 5G connectivity, to powering the flashing LED lights and sirens, this tiny technology ensures the equipment and the ambulance itself is ready at a moment’s notice should anything in the stadium ever go wrong. 

Now sit back (or stand up) and relax (or continue to nervously cheer and yell) as we progress through the playoffs with the Super Bowl just in site. And the next time you see the eyes of the quarterback shift from receiver to receiver, or hysterically rewind the broadcast to see if the feet were inbounds or not, just remember the variety of Keystone components that are making it all possible. Enjoy the playoffs; we look forward to continuing our blog coverage into 2024!