Test Points, THM, Color Keyed

Color Coded THM Test Points

Loop Style with Color Coded Plastic Base

Available in Miniature, Compact, Multipurpose and Ultra Low ConfigurationsColor Keyed PCB Test Points - thru hole mountable

Color Coded for easy identification, these Thru Hole mountable test points are ideal for production testing and service troubleshooting. Snap-in mounting and a high temperature plastic base makes these terminals ideal for wave or reflow soldering.

These Loop terminals permit non-slip circuit testing using J hooks, EZ hooks, alligator clips, tips or probes. Minature and Compact Terminals meet high density PCB application requirements; Multipurpose Terminals are for difficult to reach applications.  


Availability is from stock through Keystone's Global Distributor Network. Application engineering services are available to meet special customer requirements.

Refer to Keystone's Product Design Guide, M70, for our complete product offering and specifications.





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