i-Clamp T-series - Installation Instructions

T series IDC Connector - Installation Instructions.



IMPORTANT:   Turn off power to the circuit at main circuit breaker or fuse panel. All appropriate electrical codes should be followed on all electrical wiring. 




Select the proper i-Clamp based on the wire gauges being spliced.   Do not lock the top cover before inserting wiring, The i-Clamp can not be opened once locked.




Do not cut the input line.     Do not strip wires.

Open the lid if the i-Clamp and place the input wire into the open channel of the connector. Insert the output wire into the side hole until it bottoms in the connector. Close the connector by hand and squeese until the wires are held in place.   



Lock the connector using a pair of adjustable pliers.The top cover should be flush with the base. Once locked, the connection is permanent and is tamper proof. Connection can be visually inspected thru the translucent body.




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