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New Coiled PC/Case Mount Battery Contacts

March 15, 2018

New  battery contacts to meet the increasing demands for higher energy, lower weight cylindrical battery usage with the introduction of their latest coil spring contacts designed to slide-into molded cases with no wire lead, direct placement onto a PCB.

Engineered with a contact design that adjusts to variations in battery length, these contacts assure low contact resistance and dependable connectivity by adjusting to variations in battery length. These new contacts also offer the convenience  of being drop in replacements for standard leaf spring contacts .  Contacts available can accommodate cylindrical batteries styles including A, AA, AAA and, CR2 cells virtually eliminating the need to specify brand and style

 Manufactured from .024” (.61mm) thick, steel wire and supplied with nickel  plating for superior performance in today’s high tech devices.  Supplied in a positive contact style (Cat. No 243 or 180) or negative contact style (Cat. No 242 or 179) and a dual contact style (Cat. No. 244 or 181) Availability is from stock through Keystone’s global distribution network.  On line ordering is accommodated.