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Newsletter - Dec 2018 - Vol. 6

December 15, 2018

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  Dec 2018 - Newsletter - Vol. 6
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Adhesive Backed Nylon PCB Spacer/Supports 

Assortment of  long-lasting adhesive backed, Nylon Spacers/Supports that lock-fit to a PCB. are among the latest Keystone circuit board hardware stacking components.
Engineered for no-tool chassis-to-board applications, these devices have and adhesive backing for securing to a chassis while the other end easily snap-into position on a PCB with a strong, retentive grip. Available in a Sturdy  or Slim Line  versions to accommodate a variety of design requirements.  Adhesive lock-fit supports are supplied in heights from .187" (4.75mm) to .825" (15.9mm) 
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