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New SMT Female Quick Fit Terminals

February 16, 2017

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New Product Spotlights
Universal Entry SMT Female Quick Fit Terminals

These new SMT Female Tab terminals offer cost effective design options for surface mount applications on PC Boards.   The unique terminal design accepts male tabs from either a vertical or horizontal entry position.  Mating male terminals range from .110" to .250" allowing design engineers to change mating terminals without re-engineering the board.
The stable tri-leg design of these terminals provide increased PCB mounting strength while keeping the terminal perpendicular to the PCB during the soldering process
 Manufactured from Brass with a tin nickle plate, these SMT Quick fit terminals are available in Bulk, Cat. No 3586 or on Tape and Reel with Kapton tape to the top surface for vacuum pick and place, Cat. No 3586KTR
Highly Stable Quick Fit PCB Screw Terminals

Expanded  assortment of PC mount screw terminals to include thru hole mounted terminals with Quick Fit tab legs for simplified connectivity configurations.
The availability of the new Quick-Fit Tabbed screws provide quick and secure attachment for Wire-to-Board Connectors  making them ideal for installation on devices with female fast-on connections
Rated 15 and 30 Amps, these new screw terminals are ideally suited for high density packaging. Manufactured from brass with a tin plate finish, Screw terminals are available in ¼ tab styles that either top mount thru a PCB.  Supplied with the screw assembled (Cat. No. 1217) or as the terminal body only (Cat No 1247).  For 3/16 wide tab, request Cat. No 1273
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