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New Extreme Temperature Threaded Standoffs

April 15, 2018

New series of threaded standoffs specifically formulated using a high performance nylon blend for use in extreme temperature applications.

Extreme temeprature threaded standoffs

These standoffs can be used in applications where temperature ranges from as low as  -20° F to as high as +365° F.  This proprietary Nylon blend material allows the standoff to stay pliable and maintain tensile strength in these extreme cold and hot environments.   The versatile nature of this mater

ial makes them ideal for  automotive under hood applications as well as aerospace, refrigeration and other severe environments.

Keystone’s High Performance Threaded Nylon standoffs are available in 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32 threads in lengths from 1/4” up to 1”  in both Male-Female Hex and Female Hex configurations.   Supplied in black color and bulk packed. Available globally via Keystone’s Authorized Distributors and Online ordering is accommodated.