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Newsletter - April 2017 - Vol. 5

April 21, 2017

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Metal "Key-Pad" Dome Switches 
Universal Entry SMT Female Quick Fit Terminals
Surface Mountable Male Quick Fit Terminals
i-Clamp (IDC) Wire Connectors
Surface Mount Threaded Standoffs for PCB's
High Current True Zero Ohm SMT Jumpers
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  April 2017 - Newsletter - Vol. 5
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
New Product Spotlights
New High Performance Battery Holders with Solder Lugs
These new battery holders are designed with solder lug contacts to easily connect solid or stranded wire  with or without female quick fit terminals or crimp connectors.  These new holders help streamline assembly of powered devices using AA, ½ AA and 2/3A cylindrical cells.
Equipped with heat resistant Nylon housings, the entries are suited for traditional soldering processing. Contacts are nickel plated Stainless Steel ensuring low contact resistance and superior solder joints where lead-free soldering or reflow processes are employed. 
Nylon Key-Hole Panel Fasteners

Quickly and easily assemble panels and other devices with the latest Panel Fasteners from Keystone. 
These new Nylon Key-Hole fasteners firmly secure to equipment and panels.  The one piece design of these fasteners allows them to be installed and removed without the need for tools and reused without the possibility of missing parts. These fasteners are designed with a bullet tip for superior panel alignment during assembly.  Manufactured with a tapered locking shank for tight within panels and a domed head for a clean finish on any panel. 
Key-Hole Panel fasteners are supplied in black Nylon 6/6 material in 3 head sizes (.250", .312" and .344").  Available sizes can accommodate panels from .093" to .312" thick. 
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