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Newsletter-April-2023 -Vol-11

April 17, 2023

Volume 11 | April 2023
Innovative PC/104 Product Resources from Keystone
Maxi-Mount Holder for 20mm Coin Cell Battery applications
Breakthrough Lithium Coin Cell holder for maximizing PC board capacity when installing 20mm lithium coin cells in high-density applications. 
Unique raised mounting design allows components to be placed underneath the holder. Ideal when PC board space is more important than board height; such as PC/104 applications. 
Cat. # 101 has Tin-Nickel plated contacts housed in a UL, 94V-0 housing. Holder design versatility can accommodate 2 stacked 2012 or 2016 coin cells to achieve 6Volt power from the same PCB footprint.
Easy Mount Kits for PC/104 and PC/104-Plus Modules 
Keystone offers Hardware Mounting Kits for PC/104 and PC104-Plus Bus Drives which are ideal for limited space design/ installation applications. 
Engineered to ease assembly of new modules and multi-board stacks, the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus kits may be used with any of the more than one hundred different PC/104 modules available in the marketplace. Each kit includes all the hardware required to mount a single-board.
Cat. # 6799-4 Aluminum PC/104 Mounting Kit
Cat. # 8799-4 Brass PC/104 Mounting Kit
Cat. # 4799-4 Nylon PC/104 Mounting Kit
Cat. # 5799-4 Stainless Steel PC/104 Mounting Kit
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