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Newsletter - March 2016 - Vol. 4

March 19, 2016

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Ultra-Low profile Retainers for 20mm Coin Cell Batteries
UL Recognized "Auto" Blade Fuse Holders
Solar Fuse Protection (SPF) Fuse Holders
Soft Touch Colored Pointer Knobs
Hybrid Mount PCB Test Point
High Speed USB C Plugs and Jacks
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 March 2016 - Newsletter - Vol. 4
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
New Product Spotlights
New Surface Mount Coin Cell Contacts for Battery Enclosures 
Recently we've introduced additional contacts into our diverse selection of surface mount enclosure coin cell contacts.  These new contacts provide more design versatility for cost effective, dependable connections for coin cell batteries in self contained battery compartments like for small hand held controls, key fobs, personal medical devices, digital timers, and many industrial and consumer applications 
Contacts are manufactured from gold plated phosphor bronze, offering low contact resistance and assuring easy reflow soldering for a reliable solder joint. The spring tension of the contacts will adjust to all variations in battery heights for dependable connectivity
Contacts can accommodate coin cell batteries with diameters from 12mm and larger
Maxi-Mount Holder for 20mm Coin Cell Battery applications
Breakthrough lithium coin cell holder for maximizing  PC board capacity when installing 20mm lithium coin cells in high-density applications. 
Unique raised mounting design allows components to be placed underneath the holder. Ideal when PC board space is more important than board height; such as PC/104 applications.  Part No. 101 has Tin-Nickel plated contacts housed in a UL, 94V-0 housing.  Holder design versatility can accommodate 2 stacked 2016 or 2018 coin cells to achieve 6Volt power from the same  PCB footprint.
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