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October 19, 2023

Volume 11 | October 2023

Innovative Coin Cell Battery Holder from Keystone

New Top Loading 24mm Coin Cell Battery Holders


Breakthrough lithium coin cell holders for maximizing PC board capacity when installing high capacity 2477 & 2450 lithium coin cells in high-density applications. These top loading designs allow for minimal footprint board layouts without restricting battery access in devices.


These Thru-Hole holders which are extremely rugged making them ideal for retaining the larger 2477 and 2450 cells securely in shock and vibration environments. This holder is ideal for circuit back-up power and will accept all major manufacturers’ batteries. Manufactured with Nickel Plated Phosphor Bronze contacts in a PBT, UL rated 94V-0 base,


Cat. # 1009- For 2477 Coin Cells


Cat. # 1053- For 2450 Coin Cells


Click here to learn more about all of Keystone's 24mm Coin Cell Holder

Maxi-Mount Holder for 20mm Coin Cell Battery applications


Coin Cell holder designed for maximizing PC board capacity when installing 20mm lithium coin cells in high-density applications. 


Unique raised mounting design allows components to be placed underneath the holder. Ideal when PC board space is more important than board height; such as PC/104 applications. 


Cat. # 101 has Tin-Nickel plated contacts housed in a UL, 94V-0 housing. Holder design versatility can accommodate 2 stacked 2012 or 2016 coin cells to achieve 6Volt power from the same PCB footprint.


Click here to see more details about this 20mm Holder


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