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Surface Mount Threaded Standoffs

October 20, 2016


New threaded standoffs are specifically designed and packaged for use on PC Boards in the same manner as other surface mount components. As a surface mount product, these standoffs reduce scrap and handling time while minimizing damage to a PCB that may occur while using traditiona

l mounting products used on PCB’s. The slimline design requires minimal board space.  Manufactured from steel with a tin plate,  these new standoffs assure easy reflow soldering for a reliable solder joint.  

Threaded SMT standoffs are available in 2-56, 4-40 and 6-32 threads in lengths from 1/16” up to 3/8”.  Supplied in 13” tape and reel packaging with Kapton tape on top surface to ease removal, they are ideal for use with most vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems.

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