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UL Recognized Quick Fit Terminals

June 15, 2018

Innovative Male PCB quick fit terminals designed to hold up under repeated mating cycles are in stock and ready for delivery.
Available in Surface Mount as well as horizontal and vertical Thru Hole Mount configurations. The space saving design makes them ideal for use in dense areas and offers easy access for connecting and disconnecting Quick-fit female terminals.  Our unique Sturdi-Mount style is designed with "fingers" provide increased PCB mounting strength and stability by maintaining the terminal's perpendicularity to PCB during and permanently after wave soldering.

The rivet mount styles permit design and mounting flexibility for boards, panels and chassis mating environments.  These quick fit terminals meet NEMA 2-1982-1988 and UL 310 specifications.

Keystone’s UL recognized quick-fit terminals are manufactured  from brass and supplied with a tin plate. PCB mount versions are available in 0.110” (2.8mm), 0.187² (4.8mm), 0.205² (5.2mm) or 0.250² (6.4mm) tab sizes. Rivet mount versions are available in  0.110”(2.8mm), 0.187² (4.8mm), or 0.250² (6.4mm) tab sizes.

All Keystone’s quick-fits are available in bulk from stock through Keystone’s global distribution network. Keystone Electronics Corp. is a major manufacturer of interconnect components and hardware  and provides a full complement of stamping, machining and assembly services.  An in-house application engineering group is on hand to aid customers needing product modifications or special designs.

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