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Newsletter - Jan 2019 - Vol. 7

January 15, 2019

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  Jan 2019- Newsletter - Vol. 7
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
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New, ¼" Male, Quick-Fit PCB Tabs on Continuous Reel

New packaging for their diverse selection of Quick-Fit, PCB terminals.  These new, male tab terminals are specifically designed on a continuous reel (strip) to be compatible with standard automated insertion equipment - reducing assembly and processing time.
Manufactured from Brass with Tin-plate, these new Quick-Fit Terminals ensure easy installation and soldering to a PCB and are packaged on reels as a "drop in" replacement for existing product. 
Request Cat. No: 1287-R for ¼"-wide Male Tabs with .312" height above the board.  For a terminal with additional solder joint strength and designed to keep the terminal perpendicular to the board during and after soldering, request Cat. No: 1287-STR.   For taller tab requirements, request Cat. No: 1289-STR which is .540" height above the board. 
Surface Mountable Male Quick Fit Terminals

SMT Male Tab terminals are specifically designed and packaged for use on PC Boards in the same manner as other surface mount components.
As a surface mount product, these new quick fit terminals reduce scrap and handling time while minimizing damage to a PCB that may occur while using traditional mounting of thru hole quick fit terminals used on PCB's.
The design also serves to keep terminals perpendicular to the PCB so that the relative position is maintained during, and permanently after, the soldering process, they are ideal for use with most vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems 
 Manufactured from Brass with a tin plate, these SMT Quick fit terminals are available in Bulk, Cat No 4928 or on Tape and Reel, Cat No 4928TR
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