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Newsletter - July 2019 - Vol. 7

July 15, 2019

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Narrow Profile, 2032 & 2025 Coin Cell Retainer
New Reeled Male Quick Fit Terminals
Ultra Low Profile 20mm Coin Cell Retainers
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  July 2019- Newsletter - Vol. 7
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
Learn about Keystone's innovations
New "Auto-In" 12mm Coin Cell Holders
A new surface mount holder to secure the popular CR1220 and CR1225 12mm diameter Lithium Coin Cells is now available from Keystone.
These latest holders are polarized and feature dual-spring, Gold plated Phosphor bronze contacts in a PA9T black plastic base making them extremely rugged and ideal for retaining cells securely under shock and vibration in high-density applications for PCB requirements.
The unique "Auto-In" characteristics  offer  design versatility for surface mount applications using 12mm coin cell batteries In applications where the battery must be automatically inserted via a vacuum or mechanical pick-and-place device. Request Part #1072 (bulk) or #1072TR (supplied on tape and reel)
Universal Entry Female Quick Fit Terminals 
These Female Tab terminals offer cost effective design options for surface mount and thru-hole mount applications on PC Boards.  
The unique terminal design accepts male tabs from either a vertical or horizontal entry position.  Mating male terminals range from .110" to .250" allowing design engineers to change mating terminals without re-engineering the board.
SMT versions have a stable tri-leg design which provide increased PCB mounting strength while keeping the terminal perpendicular to the PCB during the soldering process
 Manufactured from Brass with a Tin Nickle Plate, these terminals are supplied in bulk and on tape and reel (SMT versions)
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