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Newsletter- July 2017-Vol 5

July 17, 2017

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  July 2017 - Newsletter - Vol. 5
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
Circuit Board Test Point Product Spotlights
Miniature Surface Mount Test Point 

New, miniature SMT Test Point featuring symmetrical flat-wire design to efficiently and safely test PCB's is the latest addition to the Keystone Electronics Corp. test point selection.
This latest "Mini-pad" version enables high-strength, test point-to-PCB bonding, with a minimal footprint. In addition to cost-saving, this low profile entry accepts a variety of gripping probes to replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals. As such it is ideal for testing circuitry of high density PCB packages. 
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Hybrid Mount PCB Test Point
Our latest miniature Circuit Board Test Point features the ability to be mounted on a PCB via Thru-Hole or Surface Mounting methods
Designed with a unique hybrid mounting style which maximizes the efficiency of SMT contacts with the strong and durable solder connections to a circuit board of Thru Hole mounted devices.  This new  Test Point has a locating pin design to provide positive location of the device during the assembly process.    When installed on .032 thick boards,  the locating pin can also be used as a solder point for thru-hole mounting operations
Catalog No. 5027 features a symmetrical flat-wire design making it a superior anchoring point for probes,  j-hooks and other circuit testing devices while minimizing shifting and damage which is common on standard posts and terminals.
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