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Newsletter-Dec-2023 -Vol-11

December 14, 2023

Volume 11 | December 2023

Innovative Engineering Resources from Keystone

Product Design Guide M70


This 152-page Product Design Guide has hundreds of new products covering every category of our product line and is an excellent way to view and compare all of our many product options for your specific design needs


This Product Design Guide M70 compliments our online Dynamic Catalog M70 as a quick and easy desktop resource for today's electronic engineering community.



Category Sections include: 


  • Battery Clips, Contacts & Holders
  • Fuse Clips & Holders
  • Terminals & Test Points 
  • Spacers & Standoffs 
  • Computer & Panel Hardware
  • Pins, Plugs, Jacks & Sockets 
  • Multi-Purpose Hardware.


This M70 Guide has more than 5,000 quality products and is illustrated with detailed drawings, specifications and product photographs, in both Imperial and Metric dimensions. Our online Dynamic Catalog M70 offers downloads of PDF and STEP file drawings, as well as stock checks from our global distribution network.



Part Builder System for Spacers, Standoffs and Instrumentation Handles


Quickly and easily identify the right Keystone Spacer, Standoff or Handle product for your requirement using our interactive "Part Builder" system.  


Find the right Keystone products that match your requirements in 3 simple steps:


1 - Choose a product style

2 - Select from a variety of product attributes (Length, O.D., Thread Size, Material, etc...)

3 - Choose the product that best meets your requirement (or send your RFQ directly to us for further evaluation)


Click here to start locating the ideal Keystone Spacer, Standoff or Handle product for your requirement


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