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January 18, 2022

Volume 10 | January 2022
Innovative Products from Keystone
New Densi-Pak Covered Battery Holders with On/Off Switch
A broad, new selection of Keystone’s popular Densi-Pak covered plastic battery holders now include the option to have a built in On/Off switch.
The addition of the built in On/Off switch eliminates the need for additional components in designs using “AA” and “AAA” batteries making these holders ideal for self-contained powering components in a variety of applications.
Holders are manufactured with an ABS Plastic case and Nickel-Plated Coil Spring Steel contacts for a reliable, low contact resistance battery connection. The Densi-Pak, snap-on cover design protects and secures the batteries within the compartment to prevent shorting or damage. Holders are supplied with 6" long #26 AWG tinned and snipped wire leads for simplified installation.
These switched battery holders are available to accommodate 2 or 3 “AA” or “AAA” batteries. Also available are IP65 water and dust resistant versions to accommodate 2, 3 or 4 “AA” cells. Supplied from stock via Keystone’s global distribution network and online.
For AA Cells
Cat. # 2490SW - 2 Cell Applications
Cat. # 2487SW - 3 Cell Applications
Cat. # 2438 - 2 Cell IP65 Applications
Cat. # 2439 - 3 Cell IP65 Applications
Cat. # 2440 - 4 Cell IP65 Applications
For AAA Cells
Cat. # 2489SW - 2 Cell Applications
Cat. # 2484SW - 3 Cell Applications
High Performance Nylon Threaded Standoffs  
Keystone offers a series of Hex Nylon Threaded standoffs, specifically formulated using a high performance nylon blend is designed for use in extreme temperature applications.
These standoffs can be used in applications where temperature ranges from as low as -20° F to as high as +365° F. This proprietary Nylon blend material allows the standoff to stay pliable and maintain tensile strength in these extreme hot and cold environments.  The versatile nature of this material makes them ideal for automotive under hood applications as well as aerospace, refrigeration and other extreme environments. 
Keystone's High Performance Threaded Nylon standoffs are available in 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32 threads in lengths from 1/4" up to 1" in both Male-Female Hex and Female-Female Hex configurations. 
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