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July 18, 2021

Volume 9 | July 2021
Volume 9 | June 2021
Innovative Products from Keystone
Grade 2 Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws   

Keystone has expanded our selection of electronic hardware and screws to include a series of metric & imperial threaded Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws.
This new line of products are manufactured from Grade 2 Titanium meeting DIN 912 specifications. These screws are ideal for use in corrosive environments involving petroleum, biomedical and power generation operations as well as sea water, acids or other chemicals.
Keystone's titanium screws have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are about 40% lighter than carbon steel or stainless steel screws. Designed with a knurled head featuring a hexagonal drive socket, these screws are available in variety of common metric and imperial (inch) threads and lengths.
Part Builder System for Spacers, Standoffs and Instrumentation Handles
Quickly and easily identify the right Keystone Spacer, Standoff or Handle product for your requirement using our interactive "Part Builder" system.  
Find the right Keystone products that match your requirements in 3 simple steps:
1 - Choose a product style
2 - Select from a variety of product attributes (Length, O.D., Thread Size, Material, etc...)
3 - Choose the product that best meets your requirement (or send your RFQ directly to us for further evaluation)
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