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May 16, 2023

Volume 11 | May 2023
Innovative Threaded PCB Product Resources from Keystone
"Zero" Height Threaded Inserts for PC Boards
Innovative Ultra-Low Profile, Surface Mountable Threaded Inserts  include Inch (Imperial) and Metric thread options.
These Inserts are manufactured from Steel with a Tin Plate and have an Ultra-Low Profile height above the board of only .012”. Using the same SMT equipment used to populate the board, these inserts reduce scrap and handling time while minimizing damage to a PCB that may occur while using traditional mounting products. Mounting the same way as other SMT components also ensures easy reflow soldering for reliable solder joints.
Supplied on Tape & Reel with Kapton Tape on top surface for easy pickup, they are ideal for use with most vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems.
Keystone also offers standard style threaded standoffs that can be SMT mounted in Inch and Metric threads for design versatility.
Sturdi-Mount, PCB Screw Terminals 
Keystone offers an assortment of PC mount screw terminals to include Inch (Imperial) and Metric threads in horizontal or vertical mounting configurations. 
Rated 15 and 30 Amps, these screw terminals are ideally suited for high density packaging. They feature a no-rock designs with an exclusive anti-rotation feature. Combined with space-saving, cost effective attributes, the units enable design versatility for universal applications.
Terminals are manufactured from Tin Plated Brass. Terminals are available with Nickel Plated Brass combination drive binding head machine screws either installed and captivated on the terminals, as an unassembled terminal and screw kit or as the terminal only without any screw.
Screws are also available with Color Coded heads in Red, Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Nickel for enhanced assembly identification and easier in troubleshooting PCB's.
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