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November 19, 2022

Volume 10 | Nov 2022
Innovative Products from Keystone
New Slide-In PC Mount Battery Contacts
We've once again met the increasing demands for higher energy, lower weight cylindrical battery usage with the introduction of our latest leaf spring contacts. These new contacts are designed to slide-into molded cases with wire leads or mounted directly onto a PCB as a Surface Mount Contact.
 Engineered with a contact design that adjusts to variations in battery length, these contacts assure low contact resistance and dependable connectivity. Manufactured from .012” (.30mm) thick, Spring Steel and supplied with Nickel Plating for superior performance in today’s high tech devices. Contacts are designed to accommodate A. AA & CR2 cylindrical batteries.
Single cell applications
Dual cell applications
Narrow Profile, 2032 & 2025 Coin Cell Retainer
A much narrower width retainer for CR2032 & CR2025 coin cells is now available as part of the extensive battery connectivity line of products offered by Keystone Electronics.
This new retainer features an extremely narrow profile and is designed for battery insertion and removal from both directions. This versatile design makes it ideal for high density PCB packaging particularly with single use RFID and price sensitive consumer applications.
Manufactured of Phosphor Bronze with a Nickel Plating for low contact resistance and high temperature soldering.
Cat. # 3036 - Surface Mount; Bulk packaging
Cat. # 3036TR - Surface Mount, Tape & Reel packaging compatible with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems
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