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September 20, 2022

Volume 10 | Sept 2022
Innovative Metric Products from Keystone
New "Zero" Height Metric Threaded Inserts for PC Boards
We've expanded our innovative Ultra-Low Profile, Surface Mountable Threaded Inserts to include Metric thread options in addition to the Imperial threaded options being offered.
The Ultra-Low Profile of these inserts have a height above the board of only .012”. Manufactured from Steel with a Tin Plate, these standoffs can be added to the board using the same SMT equipment used to populate the board, reducing scrap and handling time while minimizing damage to a PCB that may occur while using traditional mounting products ensuring easy reflow soldering for reliable solder joints.
Supplied on Tape & Reel with Kapton tape on top surface for easy pickup, they are ideal for use with most vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems
Metric Threaded Versions:
Cat. # 24929 - M2.5 Thread
Cat. # 24939 - M3 Thread
Cat. # 24949 - M4 Thread
Grade 2 Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws
Keystone has expanded our selection of electronic hardware and screws to include a series of Metric & Imperial threaded Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws.
This new line of products are manufactured from Grade 2 Titanium meeting DIN 912 specifications. These screws are ideal for use in corrosive environments involving petroleum, biomedical and power generation operations as well as sea water, acids or other chemicals.
Keystone's Titanium screws have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are about 40% lighter than carbon steel or stainless steel screws. Designed with a knurled head featuring a hexagonal drive socket, these screws are available in variety of common metric and imperial (inch) threads and lengths.
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