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Newsletter - Sept 2017 - Vol. 5

September 13, 2017


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UL i-Clamp (IDC) Wire Connectors
"Auto-In/Ultra-Low" SMT 2032 Coin Cell Holder 
Battery Holders with PC Connectors
High Perfomance Battery Holders
Metal "Key-Pad" Dome Switches 
Surface Mountable Male Quick Fit Terminals
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  Sept 2017 - Newsletter - Vol. 5
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
How well do you know Keystone Products?
Our latest Full Line "Printed" Catalog M65
The industry's best quick and easy resource for Interconnect Components and Electronic Hardware.
The 152-page Catalog has hundreds of new products covering every category of our product line.  

Category Sections include: 
  • Battery Clips, Contacts & Holders
  • Fuse Clips & Holders
  • Terminals & Test Points 
  • Spacers & Standoffs 
  • Panel Hardware
  • Pins, Plugs, Jacks & Sockets 
  • PC Board Hardware 
  • Multi-Purpose Hardware.
This free catalog has more than 5,000 quality products and is illustrated with detailed drawings, specifications and product photographs in both Imperial and Metric dimensions.  
Although all of our products are still accessible via our website, our printed catalog is still the ideal quick and easy resource for today's electronic engineering community. 
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