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Newsletter - Jan 2018 - Vol. 6

January 12, 2018


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  Jan 2018 - Newsletter - Vol. 6
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New Coil Spring Battery Contacts for Molded Cases
A new selection of  single and dual coil spring-type battery contacts for use in mounting of  AA and AAA batteries in a molded cases or self-contained battery compartments are now available. 

These economical and reliable contacts are fabricated of durable 0.010" (.25)  nickel-plated spring steel which provides proper spring tension and low contact resistance while adjusting to variations in battery length.  The need to specify exact brand, size, or shape is virtually eliminated.   Spring contacts are extremely rugged and ideal for retaining cells securely under severe shock and vibration in high-density applications.
Contacts are supplied in a single, left or right  configuration to achieve the desired polarity and provide maximum versatility. Contacts are designed  to snap onto .060" - .070" thick panels or housings.  They feature sharp barbs that securely anchor the contacts in place to provide excellent mechanical strength, durability and time-saving assembly.

Vertical Mount Printed Circuit Board Card Guides

New assortment of durable nylon vertical PCB card guides used to vertically mount circuit boards are among the latest Keystone circuit board mounting devices.
Engineered to stack and secure printed circuit boards (PCB's) these new vertical style guides can be installed directly to an adjacent board.  No chassis mounting needed. All styles of Keystone's vertical card guides use the same footprint allowing change of  bracket height to be done without any need for redesign  No-tool installation and removal of the card guides and boards, streamline the production process. These vertical card guides are supplied with locking pins for holding the PCB secure.

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