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June 18, 2022

Volume 10 | June 2022
Innovative, Multi-Use Battery Connectivity Products from Keystone
Multi-Use, Snap-On Connector Straps
Insulated, Snap-On connector straps that are pre-wired for simplified connectivity applications are now available.
Keystone’s new male and female Snap-On connector straps (9 Volt style) can be used as traditional male and female connections for 9 Volt battery design applications. In addition to 9 Volt battery use, these contact straps can be used for snap on / snap off connectivity applications in equipment, devices and automotive environments. 
These connectors allow for easy and secure connectivity of devices. Supplied with an insulated vinyl covered base to reduce short circuit and contact tampering potential. Connectors feature Brass, Nickel Plated contacts for a reliable, low contact resistance battery connection. Rated for up to 2 amp, 120 VAC. Connectors are each supplied with a 6" long #26 AWG wire. Wire ends are stripped and tinned for simplified installation.
Cat. # 268 Male Stud Connector
Cat. # 260 Female Socket Connector
Compact Multi-Use Coin Cell Power Packs
To support the increasing demands for safe, reliable and secure holders for the popular 2032 coin cell battery, Keystone debuts their latest series of Compact Multi-Purpose Coin Cell Power Packs.
These power packs feature a built-in on/off toggle switch for multi-purpose applications. The unique design makes this product safe, while extending the life of the battery with switchable power.
These self-contained compact power packs may be placed on or off a board as well as between components and are suitable for consumer or industrial products. They are polarized to protect circuitry from improper battery installation. In addition to portability, these devices feature an attached retaining cover that is kept closed with a snap-on feature and screws for additional safety and security.
Holder Body: Molded Polypropylene.
Contacts: Phosphor Bronze with Nickel Plating.
Single 2032 Holder (3 Volt Applications)
Dual 2032 Holder (6 Volt Applications)
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