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March 18, 2022

Volume 10 | March 2022
Innovative Battery Products from Keystone
High Performance Coil Spring Battery Contacts
These new high performance contacts are drop in replacements for traditional leaf spring contacts. Extremely rugged in design, these contacts are ideal for retaining cells securely under severe shock and vibration in high-density applications.
The coil spring contacts, a principal design feature, assure proper polarity and tension on the installed battery within battery compartments or case designs using cylindrical cells.
Manufactured from Steel with a Nickel Plating, these contacts offer low contact resistance and superior solder joints where lead-free soldering processes are employed. 
AA & CR2 Cells
Cat # 289 Single Cell applications
Cat # 297 - Dual Cell applications - [Right Side]
Cat # 293 - Dual Cell applications - [Left Side]
AAA Cells
Cat # 267 Single Cell applications
Cat # 287 - Dual Cell applications - [Right Side]
Cat # 299 - Dual Cell applications - [Left Side]
Maxi-Mount Holder for 20mm Coin Cell Battery applications  
Breakthrough lithium coin cell holder for maximizing PC board capacity when installing 20mm lithium coin cells in high-density applications. 
Unique raised mounting design allows components to be placed underneath the holder. Ideal when PC board space is more important than board height; such as PC/104 applications. Cat # 101 has Tin-Nickel plated contacts in a PBT, UL94V-0 housing. Holder design versatility can accommodate 2 stacked 2012 or 2016 coin cells to achieve 6 volt power from the same PCB footprint.
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