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Newsletter-May-2020 -Vol-8

May 18, 2020

Volume 8 | May 2020
Circuit Board Connectivity Product Spotlights
New Slim-Line PCB Screw Terminals
Keystone has expanded its assortment of PC mount screw terminals to include our new Slim-Line Screw Terminals in various mounting configurations.
Rated for 15 Amps, these new Slim-Line Terminals are ideally suited for high density packaging on a PCB design requiring a minimal footprint wire-to-board connection. They feature a no-rock design with an exclusive anti-rotation feature. This design supports the terminal during installation on the board and when attaching stripped wires, spades or ring terminals.
Combined with space-saving, cost effective attributes, the units are offered in 45º60º, and 90º orientation to the board enabling design versatility. Manufactured from Brass with a Matte-Tin Plating, these terminals are available with a 6-32 binding head machine screw installed and captivated on the terminals, as an unassembled terminal and screw kit or as the terminal only without any screw.
Screws are also available with color coded heads in Red, Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Nickel for enhanced assembly identification and easier in troubleshooting PCB's.  
1/4" Male Quick-Fit, PCB Terminals on Continuous Reel
New packaging for our diverse selection of Male Quick-Fit, PCB terminals. These new, male tab terminals are available on a continuous reel (strip), designed specifically to be compatible with standard automated insertion equipment - providing cost savings by reducing assembly and processing time.
Manufactured from Brass with Tin-Plating, this new packaging for our popular Male Quick-Fit Terminals ensure easy installation and soldering to a PCB as "drop in" replacements for existing reeled product. These reeled tabs are available in Standard configuration and Sturdi-Mount (ST) design which is uniquely designed to provide additional solder joint strength and keep the terminal perpendicular to the board during and after soldering.
Cat. No: 1287-R - Standard 1/4" Tab with a.312" tab length.
Cat. No: 1287-STR - Sturdi-Mount 1/4" tab with a .312" tab length
Cat. No: 1289-STR - Sturdi-Mount 1/4" tab with a .470" tab length.
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