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Newsletter - Aug 2018 - Vol 6

August 15, 2018


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  August 2018 - Newsletter - Vol. 6
Welcome to the Keystone Electronics Monthly Newsletter.
Learn about Keystone's UL Listed 
Wire-to-Wire i-clamps
UL Listed T Series i-Clamps for branching wire connections
The new T Series i-Clamps are ideal for quick and reliable wire branching without the need to strip wires, use nuts or electrical tape.
The T-Series is specifically designed for use when you want to branch off of a common wire run. Ideal for wiring several fixtures in parallel such as lighting.  The connector hinges open to allow the wire to be run thru the connector without cutting or stripping the insulation.
UL Listed Two Way Series i-Clamps for adding wires or components easily 

The new Two Way Series        
 i-Clamps have a unique dual channel which allows pre-assembly onto a component or fixture.  
Once installed, the wiring can be completed by simply attaching the other channel of the i-Clamp to the existing wiring.  
UL Listed One Way Series i-Clamps for splicing wires 

The new One Way Series          i-Clamps are ideal for splicing wire lines together.  
i-Clamps are more secure than traditional methods of twisting wires together and holding in place with wire nuts and / or electrical tape.   
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